Before Elsa was born, I already was doing some shopping and bought her some black Chucks at Nordstrom just like her mommy so we could match! I bought the baby’s size 2 and of course they were too big for her petite little self, but now she’s a little over 5 months old and they fit! Yay! Of course I had to do a photo shoot with them on and she was definitely curious as to what was on her feet. Lol







Outfit: Jacket, Onesie, Pants: Target

Chucks: Nordstrom


OOTD – Anchors away!

Having a baby, it is so hard not to buy them every cute little outfit I see! It’s a shame that they grow so fast and they can only wear that outfit a couple of times. I went to Target the other day and found a cute outfit for Elsa that I had to buy. I bought her the size 3-6M onesie, jacket, and jeans. They were actually a perfect fit, but the jeans were getting a little too snug. Either way buying a new outfit means….PHOTO SHOOT! I’m happy that my baby loves the camera because I love taking her pictures and definitely a good way to cherish memories forever 🙂





Outfit: Jacket, Onesie, Jeans: Target

Shoes/Moccasins: Freshly Picked

Mommies stick together

Upon my return to work, I had to make sure I had access to the Mother’s room so I can pump that liquid gold for Elsa. I was curious what the room would be like and who was going to be in there. I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous not knowing what to expect. On my first day back, I went up to the room and keyed in. No one was there. It was a tiny little room, like a small office. There was a fridge, which was nice so we could store our milk, 3 chairs, and 3 tables in front of the chairs to put the pumps on.

So, I picked a spot, sat down, got my things ready and started doing my thang. Not too long later I heard someone else keying in and I introduced myself and we started chatting, then another person keyed in and we started chatting too. Needless to say, I met a few other mommies and we’re all friends now.

It was nice to chit chat about our kids and telling our stories to one another about their development. I actually look forward to taking that break from work to go pump and chat with the other mommies. We’re even going to set up a playdate for our little ones to meet and play together! The other mommies already done playdates previously, but I’m the newbie of the group. So, it’ll be exciting to bring Elsa to a playdate and see how she interacts with the other babies.

It’s nice to know they’re going through the exact same things and I’m learning things from them as well. Some are first time mommies like me and others are experienced mommies. So, its been helpful for me to talk to them or ask them questions about things I wanted to know. Mommies gotta stick together! 😉

Smile :)

I started being able to make Elsa smile when she was a little over a month old. From then on, it was all kinds of expressions. It is so exciting for me to be able to make her smile and laugh. She is seriously such a happy, funny baby, which I am so thankful for! Every morning when she wakes up, I poke my head over her crib and her face just lights up and give me the biggest smile. It melts my heart!

She’ll always smile at Jeremy and I whenever she sees us or says her name to her. She’s starting to recognize other people as well and smile at them too, like her grandparents and her Auntie Sheila. It’s just amazing and funny to watch. Her favorite things right now are to laugh and smile, talk to herself, play with her hands, play with any toy, suck on anything that comes close to her mouth, holding her feet, rolling to her tummy, and of course eating.

I’m so anxious to see what she does next! It’s amazing to watch and to be apart of it all. It sometimes still feels surreal that I have a daughter and my life has changed so much being a mommy. I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world though. I love my baby girl and to see her happy makes me incredibly happy 😀


Get your roll on!

Elsa just learned how to roll over from her back to her tummy. Only going to the right side for now, but I’m sure she’ll learn to go left later on. I woke up a couple nights ago with her fussing and I look into her crib and she’s on her tummy! Now, she fusses a little bit after she rolls to her tummy and then falls asleep. I’ll be honest, it scared me a bit at first because I was like, “Is she OK?!”, “Is she breathing?” “Should I turn her back?” I’m sure people would think I’m crazy or a little paranoid, but for the first few times, I just hovered over her crib to make sure she was okay and she seems to love sleeping that way now.

It still makes me sad leaving her to go to work everyday. I’m hoping it gets better, because it truly makes me sad being away from her for this long. When I’m at work, all I can think about is her and to see her face when I’m off. I am thankful for my parents though, that I have the luxury of taking her to them while I go work. Though, I do often think about how “is it worth working anymore?” To just give up my career and the dual income to be with her as a stay at home mom. It is tough too because at work I pump in the mother’s room and scheduling that in with everything else going on is hard. I have to show up to meetings late or in the middle of meetings because I pump on Elsa’s schedule when she eats. Sigh…I feel like the corporate world doesn’t really understand the fact that being a mom is a 24 hour job even if you’re not with your baby. Still trying to find a way to convince Jeremy to be a stay at home or trying to find another source of income if I become a stay at home. For now, fingers crossed we win the Lottery! Haha

Return to work

Last week was my first week back to work. I seriously don’t know how mommies do this. First, it is so hard to leave your baby, then you have so much stuff to pack up in the morning to bring her to the sitter’s house, and you have to pack your stuff for work. For the sitter’s house (her grandparents): diaper bag with diapers, burp cloth, wipes, bib, bottles of milk, blanket, towel, binky, change of clothes, toys. Stuff to bring to work: for breastfeeding moms – pump, pump accessories, bottles, storage bags, storage cooler, blanket. Work things: laptop, snacks, lunch.

It’s so exhausting lugging this stuff around and then have the work day routine.

4:30 am – wake up/go pump (baby still sleeping)

5:00 am – finish pumping, wash pump supplies so they’re clean for work, start packing up pump/milk to get ready to go

5:30 am – slowly waking Elsa up, feed her, burp her, then pack her to go in car seat

5:50 am – arrive at parents house, drop Elsa off, drop off her milk and diaper bag

6:15 am – arrive at work

9:30 am – go to mother’s room to pump

11:30 am – eat lunch

12:30 pm – go to mother’s room to pump

3:00 pm – leave work, go pickup Elsa, hangout for a little bit

4:00 pm – get home, wash bottles, wash pump accessories, play with Elsa then nurse her

5:30 pm – start prepping then cooking dinner

6:30 pm – Jeremy gets home, eat dinner, wash dishes

7:00 pm – nurse Elsa, watch TV, play with her

10:00 pm – nurse Elsa, put her to bed, go to sleep

Then repeat.

Soooo exhausting. Again, I don’t know mommies do it. It’s rough. I’d rather be at home with my girl being a mommy 😦 Still trying to convince Jeremy to let me be a stay at home mom, but have to figure out another source of income lol.

About me

You may be thinking…what sets me apart from other mommy blogs? What’s different about me? The reason why mine is different is because, no one else has my life. My life is my own. It may be similar to others, but it is 100% different. Every one has their own opinions and expresses their own minds.

So, where do I start? I met my husband when I was 24 in 2011, at my sister’s wedding. To tell you the truth, it’s kind of a fun story to tell. I was my sister’s MOH and my husband, Jeremy, was one of the wedding videographers. His brother started a company called Pixel Seattle and Jeremy was helping out on wedding days part-time aside from this Accounting job. Anyway, on the day of my sister’s wedding, Jeremy came to the house with his brother’s wife, Michele, to start filming the bride and the bridesmaids getting ready doing hair and makeup. Jeremy had no idea that I lived there or that I was the sister. So, at this point, he had already met my mom and dad (got that outta the way, lol). Well, he saw me and thought I was pretty and later on asked Michele who I was. She said oh! that’s the MOH, the bride’s sister. So, as the wedding went on at the venue, Jeremy saw one of the guests that he knew (what a coincidence). He started chatting with her and I guess started asking her about me. Towards the end of the wedding, the mutual friend ran up to me, asked if I was single and wanted to meet Jeremy. My first response was, who? haha, at that point I didn’t even notice Jeremy or was paying any attention to him, but I thought, why not? So, long story short, we met, went on a couple dates, got engaged 9 months later and married in August 2013.

After getting married, I knew I wanted to start a family right away. I just wanted to be a mother having the joy of a baby to raise and building our family (we already have a rat terrier, Mylo). So, we started trying and in January 2014, I found out we were expecting our first child. I was ecstatic! Tears of joy! But, I was also nervous about being pregnant for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect while being pregnant and worrying about what I ate, what I did, what I shouldn’t do. Some mother’s enjoyed being pregnant, me….not so much. Not that I wasn’t excited to have our baby, but I was just miserable the entire pregnancy. I was nauseous, itchy, tired, uncomfortable. I also found out later on that I had gestational diabetes, so I had to monitor what I ate and make sure my blood sugar was just right and poked myself 4 times a day. I was very strict when I found out though because I didn’t want to be selfish and always thought about whatever I put in my mouth, it went to my baby. At 5 months pregnant, we found out it was a girl! I honestly didn’t care what the gender was, as a long as it was a healthy baby. Of course Jeremy wanted his boy, but he was really happy either way.


Around the week of her due date which was 10/02/14, I was so nervous. When was she going to come? What time of day would she come? Would my water break in bed? Do we have everything packed? OMG, I was a nervous wreck! But, everything turned out fine. I started feeling my contractions late Thursday night, so since it was my first time, we went to the hospital just in case she was ready to come out. Well, she wasn’t ready yet, so they sent us home. So, I spent ALL of Friday in pain with contractions because I wanted to make sure she was ready and I didn’t want to be sent home again. Finally on Friday around 10:30pm, I couldn’t take the pain anymore. So, we went back to the hospital, and yes, she was finally ready to make her debut to the world! Early in my pregnancy, I decided I wanted to go all natural, and surprisingly yes, I did stick to my plan. I must say, labor is no joke! It is the worst pain I have ever felt in my life, but also, I was surprised that I could endure that much pain. All I could focus on was to see my little girls face, so I was determined. About, 4 hours of pushing, she was out. My sweet baby Elsa. Born on 9/27/14 at 6lbs 15oz. I can’t tell you how much pain I was in, but at that moment when they put her onto my tummy, nothing else mattered. The pain just went away, I just looked at my little girl and fell in love.


The first few weeks were hard. The lack of sleep, the crying, getting up to feed her, the after pain/healing process. I felt like a zombie. As weeks went on though, it got easier. We started to get the hang of things and got into our little routine. I took off 4 months of work to be with her, but honestly, I wish I could be a stay at home mom. Leaving her is so hard because I just want to spend every moment with her. Currently, she is a little over 4 months old. I’m back at work (sigh) and her grandpa is her manny. I wish I didn’t have to leave her because she’s learning all kinds of new things, and I wish I could be there for all of her firsts. Like right now, she just learned how to fully roll over onto her tummy and she just discovered her feet. It is the cutest thing! She is growing up so fast and I’m just trying to cherish every moment because before you know it, she’ll be all grown up off to college. She is such a happy, funny, baby. We are so blessed!